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S.S. versus Texas Medical Board

Case Study
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S.S. versus Texas Medical Board


The firm’s client, a physician practicing in another state and wanting to relocate to Texas, made an application for a Texas medical license that was not approved due to the loss of privileges at a hospital in another jurisdiction over twenty years prior.


The physician/applicant initiated this application process without hiring legal counsel to assist.


The Board, in considering the application, made a recommendation to the physician/applicant regarding a request to withdraw the application and reapply (reapplying was not assured for approval if this had occurred), a consideration that would have impacted the applicant in future applications with other state medical licensing boards ensuring that the underlying matter from over twenty years prior would continue to follow the physician to any state that a medical license was desired.


The physician hired and engaged the firm who, after review, determined that the Board had incorrectly considered twenty-year-old information that was harmful to the applicant and was successful in having the Board reconsider the matter directly with its Executive Director. This prevented the client from withdrawing the application -- an action that would have had untold consequences for the physician indefinitely.