Civil Litigation/Ad Valorem Property Tax

We are also skilled litigators. In the area of ad valorem property tax, the results we obtained and successes we achieved while handling the entire litigation portfolio for the Travis Central Appraisal District (“TCAD”) allowed the firm to continue in that relationship when we first opened the practice. During this period, our legal advice and consultation was regularly sought regarding property tax matters not only from the Travis Central Appraisal District (“TCAD”), but from outside counsel and law firms, chief appraisers, taxing entities, law firms and in-house counsel representing appraisal districts and appraisal review boards, and appraisal district staff throughout the State. Using the knowledge and experience we developed in this context, we turned our efforts to representing the interests of diverse property owners, doing so with the same vigor, zeal, and passion.

Because ad valorem property tax is not the firm’s primary focus, we are selective in the cases we take. Our firm has no interest in securing as many clients as possible and generating the highest possible revenues and profits.  In our experience, firms who operate under this model tend to have cases that see very little meaningful movement towards successful resolution once suit is filed. The end results are frustrated property owners, unmanageable dockets for the judiciary, and ill will and disincentive from appraisal districts to work towards expeditious and successful resolution.

At heart, we are traditionalists. We are people who believe that the practice of law is not simply a business, but a noble profession.   We believe that it is also a very personal profession in which the quality of the attorney-client relationship and client satisfaction — not the amount of profit realized — should be the key determinants of a successful engagement. 

We are proud that our work in this area is exclusively by referral. Individuals and entities with ad valorem property tax issues who seek out our firm via word-of-mouth or referred to us by those already familiar with our work know of our abilities and reputation in this area of the law and understand that our firm will work tirelessly to exceed client expectations.

When we handle a property tax dispute, we champion the goals of our clients as our own. Our philosophy in this area of the law is simple: to protect our client’s interests in property tax disputes and to ensure absolutely that the property tax statutes and law are applied correctly, fairly, and consistently to our clients year in and year out regardless of whether their property is a modest residential home or a multi-million dollar commercial property.

Finally, let us address the subject of rising legal costs, especially as it relates to litigation. We are aware that litigation is costly. However, we recognize the economic concept of risk versus reward and return on investment apply to our clients’ need for legal services and especially so during the litigation process. We attempt to provide top quality legal services by providing the most cost effective solutions for our clients. Drawing upon our unique background, our intimate familiarity with the internal workings of a large appraisal district related to valuation approaches, and the strategies appraisal districts often employs in litigation, the firm helps clients avoid costly drains on resources and provides our clients with effective strategies and workable solutions in order to get to the bottom line. We do this while at all times providing our clients the attention and care only a small, boutique law firm is able to provide.