Why Us: our unmatched industry knowledge makes the difference for our clients. You'll benefit from our experience.

Experience Matters

There is no substitute for experience and context. At the heart of each matter that we handle, we believe effective legal representation begins with understanding our clients' profession and the environment in which they operate. Drawing upon the knowledge, insight, and first account know-how gained through the real day-to-day experiences of over a decade serving as head counsel for several state regulatory and licensing boards, large and small, makes the difference between just knowing and truly understanding our clients’ legal services needs. Because we have seen real world disciplinary issues from the regulators’ vantage and perspective and advised regulators as to their approach to disciplinary matters, our unmatched industry knowledge makes the difference for our clients in identifying and assessing risk and crafting practical yet cost-effective solutions to disciplinary and enforcement challenges.

Our firm’s maxim is "Benefit From Our Experience." Why? We wanted to reflect a philosophy that: (1) established the foundation for clients’ expectations with our firm once we are engaged to advance clients’ interests; (2) correlated with the firm’s overall purpose; and (3) appropriately reflected our clients’ overall experience with the firm. We believe resolutely that you will "Benefit From Our Experience."

Commitment to Frequent and Regular Communication

A core principle of the firm remains our commitment to frequent and regular communication with our clients. We know many smart attorneys. However, we are unable to explain why the single biggest complaint in the legal profession in annual polls conducted by the State Bar is the failure of attorneys to promptly return client calls or the inability or failure to regularly communicate to clients regarding the status of client matters. We believe that the bedrock of an effective attorney-client relation is communication. Because communication is the key, we stress timely and frequent contact with our clients, using where possible current and cutting-edge technology, to assure that our clients are fully apprised of the status of our endeavors every step of the way.

Because Relationships Matter

Relationships matter to us. Each member of the firm has worked hard and continues to work hard to maintain and build relationships — with government, regulatory entities, decision-makers, and officials — within the areas we serve. When our clients need guidance in the handling of an issue affecting their licensure, a related issue involving their practice, or making inroads towards the resolution of their property tax dispute, our ability to leverage these relationships yields powerful, consistent results.

We Recognize the Need for Balance and Possess the Skill to Achieve It

Our firm realizes that not every license disciplinary action or enforcement case will warrant a full blown, formal administrative hearing before the State Office of Administrative Hearings ("SOAH") or every property tax case will be litigated to judgment before a jury or a judge in a bench trial. Nevertheless, when the need calls for such action, our firm, without fail, will advocate diligently and vigorously to protect our clients’ interests. We understand the difficult situation of our professional clients when they call upon us to assist them. Because our professional clients call upon our abilities and judgment to protect their name, their reputation, and their ability to practice their profession without encumbrances, we take great care in providing thoughtful solutions and work diligently to resolve client matters on the best possible terms. With consequences that are far reaching and profoundly real for all of the firm’s clients, we bring to bear the intensity and focus that is needed to deliver the best possible outcome with each case that we handle.

Billing Alternatives 

Sophisticated clients must often make tough decisions. They know that hiring an experienced and skilled attorney can increase the odds of avoiding unnecessary enforcement action, a formal administrative hearing or litigation, and of achieving a favorable outcome if proceedings are necessary. But hiring experienced and skilled counsel can be costly, sometimes prohibitively so. The consequences of an unfavorable outcome, however, may be equally or considerably more costly — whether measured by the consequences of not being allowed to practice one’s chosen profession or practicing with restrictions or limitations; the implications of the action on future disputes or future dealings; the dollar value of the loss; or other considerations.

The Phan Law Firm, P.C. offers an alternative.  Because we are a small firm with lower overhead costs per lawyer compared to a larger firm, we can provide top quality legal representation at a lower total cost than clients ordinarily expect to pay for services of like quality. To reduce our clients' costs, our firm offers billing arrangements that are tailored to each client and designed to result in a lower total cost than we believe you would incur by hiring a large firm that staffed the matter with lawyers of comparable skill and experience. We devote the time required to understand what the scope of your matter will likely be so that we can structure a suitable billing arrangement and work-flow plan. We want to maximize the odds that, at the end of the engagement, you will conclude that you received more than you paid for.