Our Purpose: The firmís motivation and focus has always been and shall always be: to attain the best possible outcome for each client.

When The Phan Law Firm, P.C. opened its doors in the winter
of 2008, my goal was to build a preeminent “boutique” law firm to represent licensed professionals and assist them in defending their name, livelihood, and reputation against the threat of disciplinary action spurred by a complaint filed with their state regulatory or licensing board. Not wanting to settle on modest or easily attainable goals, I set out to be the premier professional license defense law firm of Texas drawing upon over a decade of first-hand experience, knowledge, insight, and relationships that I gained and developed serving in the highest positions of responsibility and trust as the head attorney, personal advisor, and confidant to several of the largest governmental and regulatory bodies on licensure, enforcement, and disciplinary matters in the State of Texas, with successes both at the administrative level and also in the courtroom.

Also, because of my extensive experience serving as General Counsel for the Travis Central Appraisal District, one of Texas’ largest appraisal districts, and being entrusted by its Board of Directors with the handling of the appraisal district’s entire litigation portfolio, both while in-house and as a client when I started the law firm, the practice also includes civil litigation with a particular emphasis on helping property owners from all corners of the state in ad valorem property tax disputes.

It is true that the firm cannot be everything to everyone. The firm does not pretend to be otherwise. We believe in focusing on the things that we do best, and doing them exceptionally well. As such, we have purposefully limited the firm’s practice areas.

The benchmark of a great boutique law firm stems from the exploits and advantages of our being small by controlling our caseload and to limit our areas of focus. We have intentionally limited the firm’s practice areas to ensure that the resources of the firm are never spread too thin and to assure that clients continue to receive consistent, personalized, and frequent communication during the handling of their case. Because we are a small firm by choice, our business model allows for us to provide the level of service, quality, and skill that clients might expect from a larger firm, but doing so with the flexibility of a small firm. One of the best features of our business model is that it allows us to provide our clients with value by allowing them to share in the cost savings we achieve by operating as a small firm. Another important feature found in a small firm setting and especially true with our firm is personalized attention and responsiveness.